Get first-party data directly from the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

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Get first-party data directly from the Filipino Company Registry

Know who you do business with. Every report contains the latest data from the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Companies House allows you to easily order reports about any company in the Philippines online and receive the reports via email in just 3-5 working days.

General Information Sheet (GIS) and Articles of Incorporation

A formal overview of all the important aspects of the company. All of the information is approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the Philippines.

Overview of the company
Company’s time of registration, important dates such as Annual Meeting, fiscal year, etc.
Capital structure and stockholder information
The amount of authorized, subscribed, and paid-up capital. List of local and foreign shareholders. A table including complete information about each of the stockholders of the company - types of shares held, number and value of the shares, address, tax number.
Company by-laws
By-laws guide the internal management of the company, such as the issuance of shares, assigning corporate officers, meetings of the stockholders, etc. Company’s dividend and fiscal policies.
An example of a company status report in Philippines

Audited Financial Statement (AFS)

Get the latest audited financial statement of the company.

Independent auditor’s report
Auditor’s opinion and the overview of the audit process.
Company’s financial statements
Overview of the corporate financial reports - balance sheet, profit and loss statement, statement of cash flows. Comparison with the previous fiscal year.
Directors and commissioners
List of company's directors and commissioners and whether they own shares in the company.
Philippines company search gives you complete list of shareholders